Problem I'm not sure how to handle

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Ok my hair is officially insane. It doesn't like non-protein products because it gets all weighed down and grease like. If I use stuff with proteins it get awesome curl formation and it's soft, but frizz!!! I'm so frustrated :banghead:

What do I do? I've thought about using protein condish as a wash out and mixing half protein leave in and a leave in without it. Any suggestions?


  • curlygirlymecurlygirlyme Posts: 1,340Registered Users
    Ok someone sugessted it might be winter onset that is messing up my hair so here is what I use

    Ok here is what I use
    Malibu 2000 Hard Water shampoo (no sls or als)
    Activate or Regis Design Line Vivid Satin Conditioner
    Rinse out (not all the way)
    Then I add some more as a leave in
    Mix MHC Cognac and Vanilla Hair Texturizer (about a dime size), Sweet Citrus Styling Gel (about a dime size), and FOTE Aloe Vera gel about 3 quarter size blobs

    Then I just leave it alone. I don't know if it's the alcohol in the Texturizer protein in my condish. But condish without protein makes my hair look terrible. I mean really bad. So I guess I'm going to try FOTE mixed with honey or another gel and see if it's the alcohol. Only thing is I LOVE the smell of the Cognac and Vanilla Texturizer it's wonderful. Oh well if it means less frizz.

    Does anyone else have to for go alcohol products in the winter?

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