Itchy Dandruff :(

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So I've been CG for maybe a little over a week and the front of my scalp, near my forehead has gotten really itchy and flaky. I tend to get dandruff just in this area when the weather changes, I'm stressed or eating too much white starchy stuff. All of the above have occurred recently.

Well, I tried to just let it be for a few days so as not stray from being a new CG. After 3 days the dandruff was just spreading and itching LIKE CRAZY so I poo'd with Selsun Blue but just applied it to the part of my scalp that was irritated. OH! It felt so good! I have done it for about three days and my scalp is clearing up well.

But my question is...should I have waited longer? Maybe I was getting flaky cause my scalp is healing? Anyone out there struggled with something similar?
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    It takes 3 - 6 weeks for your scalp and hair to adjust to the CG routine. Since you are a wavy, you might need to use a gentle shampoo once a week or so. On the other days be sure to water wash, scrub/massage your scalp with your fingertips, and then rinse well before applying conditioner and styling products. Usually going CG will clear up itchy dandruff, unless you use a product that irritates your scalp. Also, be sure that your conditioner and styling products don't have silicones, unless you do shampoo now and then. HTH.
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