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I have a question. Has anyone ever colored there hair and after coloring there hair and it dries have you found that it Changed your SIZE? not patter but size? I ask this because this has happend with me. It changed my curl was once medium size....but now the size of the curl is smaller. Well maby curl pattern but not texture. The forst time i colored it with darkn lovely the curl pattern/size did not change but the second time it changed Drasticly...i dont get it...i regret coloring it a second time in august. I do. my curl pattern,diameter, and ize ant the end of my hair has changed all over. My curl size/pattern is very,very differnt now. Has anyone else had this experience? or can offer some help tips?


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    Wow that's really strange. Can I see your fotki to see what you mean? My cousin dyed her hair blond and it loosened her curl, but not in a good way. It changed the texture to the point where it was as damaging as a relaxer and some parts curl, others just hang there lifelessly. I've damaged my relaxed hair in the past with dyes, but it was because I didn't follow the directions correctly.
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    When I went lighter with chemical dyes it did not look or feel the same. Usually the lighter hair was my highlights and it did not behave as well as my non-highlighted hair at all.
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    to mar- i have not taken any photos...really of this sence its and there but there weird as it may sound....its happed. my curl diameter chaged,..and the curls got smaller....

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