Nautral hair and coloring

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I have a question. Has anyone ever colored there hair and after coloring there hair and it dries have you found that it Changed your SIZE? not patter but size? I ask this because this has happend with me. It changed my curl was once medium size....but now the size of the curl is smaller. Well maby curl pattern but not texture. The forst time i colored it with darkn lovely the curl pattern/size did not change but the second time it changed Drasticly...i dont get it...i regret coloring it a second time in august. I do. my curl pattern,diameter, and ize ant the end of my hair has changed all over. My curl size/pattern is very,very differnt now. Has anyone else had this experience? or can offer some help tips?


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    Yes I too have experienced what your experiancing and also with Dark n lovely :cry:. My curl pattern was always 3c with a few 4a at the nape. Then I decided to colour I think I've done a total of 2, 3 if you include the moouse dye. Now I have 3c curls in only a small section of my ccrown and 4a and I'm sure 4b at the nape but I could be imagining things. I heard that Henna can loosen the curls if used frequently so I'm thinking of using that.

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