do you scrunch mousse into sopping wet hair?

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Wen I use gel, I always scrunch it into sopping wet hair (after CK). I was wondering what people do with mousse. do you also scrunch that into sopping wet hair, or do you scrunch out most of the water first? Does anyone use mousse over CK? Because the CK has to be applied to sopping wet hair, what do you do when layering the mousse? Thanks.


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    I get most of the water out.
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    I use the mousse the same way as i do gel. I do scrunch my hair with the leave in and if i use CK so it's not sopping wet by the time i get to the mousse.....hth
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    I do the same ... I put my leave-in and then either CK or RR .. followed by mousse (or any of the other products in my aresenal :laughing6:

    My hair is still quite wet when I'm putting my mousse in, but it isn't as drippy just because it is the 3rd thing to be added.

    I then scrunch with a MF towel
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