I want my hair to smell like vanilla (real vanilla not the fake smell that's in lotions, etc.). Today I mixed some vanilla extract into olive oil and put a little in my hair. It worked a little but wasn't exactly what I was hoping for. Does anyone have any ideas?
3a (with some 3b) long, blonde curls.

password: curly


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    Ok, it's been a few hours since my last post, and since I put the vanilla in my hair. It actually did work! It turned into a subtle nice vanilla scent. I even had my mom smell it (I'm home for Thanksgiving) and she really liked it--and she's pretty sensitive about scents. Yum! Next time I might try to add a bit more vanilla since I know how it smells now. I might also try to dilute the oil somehow so I can put more of the scent in my hair without making my hair greasy.
    3a (with some 3b) long, blonde curls.

    password: curly

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