Makeup color codes/symbols

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You know how makeup companies use symbols for their colors, like Cover Girl has a square on one color, a triangle on another & I think a circle on another.

What are they supposed to represent?

I wrote Cover Girl & they wrote back saying they couldn't answer my question via e-mail, that I'd have to call them about this. :scratch:


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    I looked on one of my Cover Girl products, and the square means neutral. The circle means a color geared to warm skin tones, and the triangle means cool (or perhaps it's vice versa!). But the square is definitely for neutral, meaning it can be used by both cool and warm skin tones, or anyone in between.

    Warm or cool classifications on foundation or lipstick don't always work reliably for me, but for blushes in the cool-to-neutral category are the only ones I can wear.

    edited to add: I'm pretty sure the circle symbol means WARM!
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    Thank you!

    The items I looked on didn't say what the symbols meant. I even looked all over the stand & through the ingredients paperwork for a key & couldn't find squat.