Aubrey's GPB conditioner as a protein treatment

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Hi ladies, my name is Michelle and i'm new to this site. :afro: I just wanted to ask any of you esepcially between 3b-4b textures, how they may have used GBP as a strengthener for their hair? One girl I know (she's permed though) left it on overnight, washed it out (with her no poo shampoo) and then did a moisturizing treatment with the Islands' natural Conditioner. What techniques have any of you done, and has it been affective in keeping strong yet moisturized hair (especially the ends).
Michelle. 4a/4b,3c
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    Welcome :P

    you may want to post your question again in the 3b forum.. the curlies there should be able to help..
    Poodlehead wrote:
    Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master! :lol:

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