I need help! Ready to pull my hair out!

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I posted yesterday about the Devacare line. THANKS so much for those that replied! Well, this morning my hair is poker straight and greasy. I used the angell and set it free. I will try some of the techniques you mentioned yesterday but wanted to know what some of you recommend for 2a's along the lines of gels, etc.


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    I have tried a lot of gels, these are my favorites so far:

    Herbal Essences Body Envy Gel (love its results, but it has laureth-23 which can be bad for those prone to acne)

    Herbal Essences Set Me Up Spray Gel

    got2b Spiked Up gel

    L'Oreal Tightly Wound Gel (a little drying, but it worked excellently when I left in some DHS Conditioning Rinse underneath and diffused)

    I tried Angell and it was okay, but not superb. Plus, I had to use a lot of it. Set it Free only works on my hair sometimes if that makes sense. :dwarf:

    I never tried One Condition, but if you want a conditioner that's non-greasy you might want to try DHS Conditioning Rinse. It's CG and won't irritate the skin. Right now my hair needs more moisture than it offers, but DHS has been pretty good at detangling and clumping my curls. Also, it doesn't leave my skin feeling slippery and gross like Suave does.

    Good luck! :nemo:
    2a/M-C/ii hair. Super long.

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