Can someone help me find products that won't break me out?

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Hi all!
I wanted to try no sulfate, no cone products and tried Deva Care No poo, TIGI Oatmeal honey condtioner, and ISO Bouncy Creme. My face broke out terribly, so I switched back to my old conditioner and leave-in (Frizz Ease). Now my scalp still itches, and my face around my hairline is breaking out from the No Poo!

Are there any other sensitive skin curlies out there who can recommend products for my 3a/b hair? Preferably a no-sulfate shampoo, and possibly no silicone conditioner and leave-ins? I can't keep buying stuff - too hard on the wallet and the skin!



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    I have sensitive, acne-prone skin and have tried lots of different products. These are working for me now: [buylink=]Jessicurl's Gentle Lather Shampoo[/buylink] or HCC (I alternate), Robert Craig Conditioner, Garnier Fructis C&S leave-in conditioner, CK and [buylink=]re:coil[/buylink]. There are actually several different gels I rotate: FX Curl Fixative Boost (or whatever it's called), Sebastian Hi-Contrast gel, Aura hypoallergenic gel.

    There are a couple of different lists on here of ingredients to avoid if you do a search. Or you can try some of the products above and hope that they'll work for you. Good luck!
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    Thank you so much!! I will try everything you suggested!
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    I am highly allergic to stuff so I can relate! A couple off the top of my head; I'm not sure if they are compatible with 3a/b but maybe you can use smaller amounts or dilute the product?

    Alaffia Shampoo - I got this at whole foods, I use the "nourishing" version. Its very gentle and doesn't cause me any issues with my skin.

    Giovanni 50/50 Conditioner and Giovanni Direct Leave-in -I find this to be very gentle and non-irritating, maybe you could use the 50/50 and rinse 80% of it out, and enough remaining could be your 'leave-in'? The 50/50 and Direct leave in are virtually the same, except one is thicker.

    Feel free to PM me with general questions in this regard, sometimes I feel like I'm allergic to everything LOL. Good luck!
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    My skin is extremely acne-prone, sensitive, and I have rosacea. There aren't many things I can use without getting bumps or irritation. I avoid silicones and almost never use styling products. Every time I do, I get acne and bumps on my scalp. I use Regis Olive Oil conditioner which has been a staple for me for years now. I also rotate between Suave Naturals and VO5 conditioners. My favorite of those is the VO5 Champagne Kiss. None of these conditioners have ever caused a problem for me.

    As far as a sulfate-free shampoo goes, check out a health food store. I really like Jason Natural Color Enhancing shampoo, but I usually use Elucence MB which has a mild sulfate in it.

    Well, good luck with finding products that work for you! Keep us updated :icon_smile:
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    Get rid of your no-poo immediately! It has some severely comedogenic ingredients!

    I use Nature's Gate Herbal coniditioner for my cowash and it doesn't break me out. As my moisturizing conditionr I use Nature's Gate Aloe conditioner.
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