Help needed with weak hairline?

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I have really weak or barely any hair on my hair side. I am getting really fustrated any suggestions? I have been wearing weavves and I recently decided I want to focus on growing my hair but the sides are pretty much bald?

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    This is some of the most fragile hair on the head there. For me it's the place most prone to dryness (and subsequent breakage). I try to keep that part moisturized even when my hair is dry. In the morning, when I'm styling dry, I pat a little [buylink=]Devacurl Set it Free[/buylink] mixed with Qhemet Heavy cream and Claudie's Hair revitalizer on that part, not to wet, just to remoisturize (sort of like I do to my face :cheese: ). I believe in treating highly textured hair like mine like a rainforest or jungle -- lots of water, conditioner, moisturizers, deep treatments. Then I can wear it dry for a couple of days in a row and it stays soft and keeps the curl longer.
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  • jacquejacque Posts: 2Registered Users
    thanks for letting me know where canI fine these products to use on my hair sides?

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