Fine/Thick hair products

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I have thick hair but I am wondering if the shampoo for fine hair would help tame or weight down my hair ? anyone tried this?
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  • frizzybarbiefrizzybarbie Posts: 483Registered Users
    Most products designed for fine hair will keep it from being weighed down.

    Also FYI:
    Someone correct me if I am wrong but fine corresponds to the diameter and/or thickness of individual hair strands. Thick or thin describes the number hair strands on your head. So you can have thick/fine hair, thin/fine hair; thick/coarse hair; or thin/coarse hair.
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    you are right frizzybarbie in both aspects :)

    yea i think if you want some weight then a shampoo/condish meant for fine hair is not going to do you any good. try redken's smooth down shampoo, butter treat, and conditioner in that order and you should have good results for weighing your hair down. it's my summer time wash routine and i love it :D
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