Great Hair Day w/ AG FF, Crazy Curls, and a new diffuser!!

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Ok, just had to share :)

Since the weather has gotten cold, I have had a lot of dry frizz issues. Today I tried a new diffuser (Conair Tourmaline professional--$9 at Sally's) and AG's fast food leave-in. My hair dried nice without as much crunchiness as I usually get with the Alagio Crazy Curls balm. Nice shiny boingy curls! I developed a little frizz in the wind outside but otherwise i had a GREAT hair day!!!!

Here is my complete routine from start to finish today:

Washed with [buylink=]Jessicurl's HCC[/buylink]
Co with Peach Pom.
Applied marble sized glob of fast food and scrunched,
Scrunched in Crazy Curls
Plopped for 15 min w/ microfiber towel
Diffused about 5 min with New diffuser on old hair dryer.
Air dried rest of way. Scrunched small amt of crunch out.

Loved my hair today!!! :love1: Really hoping the fast food, Crazy curls and diffuser are a winning combo next time too!
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    Hooray for great hair day! :cheers:

    I love the colder season. I have a lot more great hair days than
    in the warmer ones.
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