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Hi, I need a good DT.....I have used JessieCurl DT, it smelled yummy but I don't think it did any miracles. I just finished up Curl Junkie Banana and Hibiscus DT.....I loved the way it smelled and it made my hair really soft at first, but again after that no miracles (i.e. shine and frizz free). I currently switched to Robert Craig Conditioner and I was thinking I could mix it with jojoba oil and honey and leave it in over night....what do you ladies think?
MM Shampoo and MM Condish(mixed with honey), Bed Head Ego Boost leave-in, CK, Re:coil......Loving it :blob7:


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    That should be good. When I do a DT I usually mix my regular conditioner with a tablespoon or two of olive oil and lots of honey. Bananas and avacados are also supposed to be really moisturizing, I keep meaning to add them to the mix!
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    When I DT, I first put in coconut oil, then the conditioner such as Jessicurl Weekly Treatment or just a really good conditioner. I wrap my head up in plastic or use a disposable shower cap and wrap a towel around it. After an hour or two, I just dry it with my blow dryer and wrap a length of cotton knit fabric around my head and leave on overnight. I CO-wash it out in the morning using V05 Vanilla Mint Tea Therapy. I've noticed a real difference in my hair since starting this.

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    Ojon Restorative Treatment, that's my recommend. You can get a sample at Sephora.
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    Oh, that sounds fabulous! Thank you!
    MM Shampoo and MM Condish(mixed with honey), Bed Head Ego Boost leave-in, CK, Re:coil......Loving it :blob7:

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