CO-not for eveyone?

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Hi, I'm quite new here, but have been experimenting with alot of the tecniques I've seen posted. I tried CO a few times now and my hair has remained greasy near the roots afterwards. I also got a sample 'light' pack of Jessicurl products, and even that shampoo doesn't seem to really get the oils out enough. Is there something I'm missing? or is my hair just oily by the roots and I need to shampoo?


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    I do know that some people find that it takes a few weeks of just conditioner washing and the CG routine for their hair to settle down and start responding well. But really, this just doesn't work for some of us.

    Lorraine Massey will insist that there's no such thing as oily - rather than dry - curly hair, but there are plenty of us around here who are living proof otherwise. I have tried the CG routine and it never worked for me, no matter how many different ways I tried it. I guess now I'm on a modified routine, but the CO part of it I could never get to work.
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    Here are some ideas...Check your conditioner. If it has cones they will build up. You should clarify before starting CG by shampooing. Be sure to scrub/massage your scalp with your fingertips. Cut the CO washing down to once a week and water wash the other days. Give your hair and scalp 3-6 weeks to adjust. Be sure that your styling products don't have cones either. Try an ACV or lemon juice rinse. CG works for many if the right products are used, but some do well with an occasional gentle shampoo, especially if you have wavy hair. HTH!
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    I'm only prone to oily-ness at the roots/ top inch of hair..otherwise the CO and Jessicurl have gotten my hair to look/feel much healthier, if not a bit weighed down. I'll keep trying though.
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    This is something I have used occasionally that someone on here suggested (sorry- can't remember who!). Coat all of your hair with CO (or leave in CO spray- what I use) while it is DRY, EXCEPT for the roots. I usually avoid the 3-4 inches from the roots. Then shampoo, concentrating on the roots. Don't apply to the length of your hair, however the conditioner protects it from the shampoo if some gets on it. Then rinse and apply CO again as you normally would after shampoo. I have used this a couple of times when I work out or in the summer when my roots are oily, but the rest of my hair is dry/norm. Also as the other poster said check to make sure the shampoo or conditioner has no cones/xane in it.
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