epsom salts

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:hello2: I'm just now posting here as I'm pretty sure I'm a 2(b?).

I've been searching for a product that will help my hair to look just like it does at the beach. I've heard of some women spraying epsom salts onto their hair with good results. Wouldn't this be drying? Anyone out there do this?

I suppose I could try sea salt...its what seems to do it for my hair at the beach. Maybe mix in a bit of coconut oil to help keep it moisturized?


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    If you use too much, your hair will be crunchy. Try mixing a teaspoon or two with 2 cups of water and pouring it over your head as a rinse. But sometimes a spray can cause frizziness if you then mess with your hair. There is an All in One Spray recipe thread which includes epsom salts that you might want to give a try.

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    that's exactly what I've had in mind!! thanks!

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