Some Hair Tips From Celebrity Hairstylist A. Dickey

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I got this article from an old issue of Sophisticate Black Hair that I found lying around the house. :D

Celebrity Hairstylist And Author A.Dickey Tells You How To Keep Your Locks Rockin'

1. What is the best way to moisturize hair that tends to be dry?

Don't over-shampoo, first of all. Shampoos are designed for your scalp and conditioners are designed for your hair. If you're natural, you can do a pre-shampoo treatment with castor oil to soften the hair. But be sure to shampoo the castor oil completley out of your hair. For curly hair, the more you condition, the better.

2. What should be involved in an effective, regular conditioning routine?

Hood dryers really lend themselves well to intense conditioning treatments that you can leave on all day. Sometimes you can replace everyday shampooing with a strong, water-only rinse with (warm) water and massage to get scalp circulation going. Then, apply a conditioning treatment and sit under a hood dryer with a plastic cap covering your hair to ensure it penetrates hair strands.

3. What can I do to avoid a tendency towards hair breakage?

First and foremost become aware of what you’re currently doing to your hair. Breakage is caused by improper treatment. The hairline, where breakage tends to take place, produces the finest hairs, so you have to take extra care with how you apply chemical treatments and protect the scalp.

4. What types of products should I keep on hand to enhance shine or reduce frizz?

Stay away from wax-based products because they dull the hair by attracting dust. Instead, use light essential oils, which don’t weigh hair down but absorb nicely and smell good. And they’re great for the scalp and hair. Try to find styling products that are moisturizing and not just curl-defining or holding. One product I use religiously is a conditioning gel that is really rich and leaves the hair feeling very soft.

5. What basic hair tools should I keep on hand for everyday styling?

A wide-tooth comb, a plastic cap, a hood dryer and your fingertips— for massaging and increasing scalp circulation.

Some of these things you may already know. Hopefully, this helps someone. Does anyone have any recommendations for a conditioning gel?

EDIT: The hairstylist's name is A D I C K E Y but it got bleeped out :lol:
"It moisturizes my situation... preserves my sexy."


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    I just started using smooth n shine curl activator gel because of rec's from other curlies. And it is very conditioning. I have stopped having to use oil under my gel. I now only use the oil when I dt.
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    I love that he mentioned castor oil, I have been using it for a few weeks now on my deep con day and its great, who knew, I hated that stuff when I was a kid. I mixed it tho with a little amla oil.
    I consider Curling custard a good conditioning gel to use not so much hold but really good for my hair..
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    Thanks ladies!
    "It moisturizes my situation... preserves my sexy."