Looking for a really good Red Lipstick...

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Hi, I am looking for a good red lipstick that would work for olive skin, dark brown eyes and hair. Can anybody help with recommendations? I don't want a gloss (can't stand them). Ideally it would be matte but as long as it is not glossy than any recommendations would be fine. Thanks, in advance. :cheers:
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    some of the colours i mention in this 3-year old column are still available:
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    ruby woo by mac is a true red that is matte
    mac red by ma is a true red that is satin....i love it..
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    I just bought Dubonnet, reddish color from MAC yesterday. I'd been wanting a red color for awhile and that's the one that worked for me. MAC describes it as "deepened claret", but it's definitely red on me (light African-American).