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Hello Everyone! i just learned about this Website today and i as happy as can be! i have Very Thick Coarse Wavy when Long, but Curly when Short hair... i have such a hard time keeping it Tame... so i asked a few questions on a completely different Topic Website and was told about this one... i get the Crispy Critters alot! and this time of year my Scalp always get soooooooooo dry and flaky! it drives me nutts!!! so after learning about this website, i went out and got the VO5 and the SUAVE and i just Shampoolessly Cleaned My Hair... this is the 1st time i have Ever done this so i guess i will just see how it goes... hopefully it will work for me!!! are there any other Conditioners besides VO5 and SUAVE that work well for anyone else with Thick Coarse Dry Hair? any advice would be Greatly Appreciated! Have a Great Day!


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    There are a few store bought condish for you to try:
    V05 condishes are all pretty good, you have try a few to get the one you like best. Most of the Suaves are pretty good, mainly the fruity smelling ones, they are CG as are most of the V05s. You can try Natures Gate, Aubrey Organics, Trader Joes Refresh and Nourish co's are good too.
    For internet ordering, Jessicurl, DevaCurl, SheaMoisture, Kinky Curly, and Eluscence and Robert Craig(i think).
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    Thank You ECHOKITTEN! i went out today and bought the VO5 and the SUAVE... i guess im going to try this and see how it works for me! HOW OFTEN SHOULD I WASH IT WITH CONDITIONER? THE SHAMPOOLESS WAY? ONCE A WEEK? AND THEN JUST WATER WASH DURING THE REST OF THE WEEK, MAYBE 2 OR 3 TIMES?
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    Read the sticky at the top of this forum, as well as Curl411 for more information on going shampooless. It takes 3-6 weeks for your hair and scalp to adjust. Be sure to use styling products that don't have silicones or you will get buildup that needs a harsh shampoo to get off your hair. You should scrub/massage your scalp really well with your fingertips when you CO wash and rinse out thoroughly. You can CO wash more frequently the first few weeks, gradually getting down to once a week. Water wash, then condition to detangle on the other days. But some curly girls CO wash several times a week. It just depends on your hair. If you are a wavy, then you may need to use a gentle shampoo once a week or so. Your hair may get a little curlier, too, since you will be treating it more gently. Good luck!
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    Don't forget to clarify
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