Hello 2c gang!

CurlsAloudCurlsAloud Posts: 55Registered Users
Just thought I'd pop my head in the door and say hello to my fellow 2cer's! I am really struggling with my hair at the moment and it's good to know I'm not alone :D

I've been reading up on some tips and am particularly interested in the honey rinse - I think I might give this a go tomorrow.


  • hollyphollyp Posts: 50Registered Users
    Hi and Welcome!!! :D This board is a little slow but hopefully more and more people will start to visit like you did.
    The honey rinse is really one of the best tips I have ever gotten for my hair! I won't go a day w/out it!
    You are definitely not alone in struggling with your hair! I have yet to have a week of consistently good hair this summer- ugh.

    Again welcome and don't be a stranger!
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    Hi! It's good to see some more people posting on here. I too, am having a difficult time with my hair right now. But that's what all these nice ladies are here for..great advice :) I haven't tried the honey rinse, but I do mix honey in my conditioner pretty often with good results.
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