Transitionin Professional... Any pre-trials??

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Hi! I am new here... and needless to say, I need your help!! Let me introduce myself - I am Angenoir... and I live in Belgium (Europe).

I am of African descent and I think my hair is 4a or 3c. Its thick-ish but soft and quite easy to manage. And when I wash it it does a nice afro puff...:-) I have had it relaxed for the last 15years. I am 28 now. And I am tired. I work as an finance professional so I really need to look neat and together at all times. So I usually have a weave or really neat cornrows or braids... and when my hair is open it is relaxed bone straight and therefore are thin as ever!

I really really want to transition to natural hair and I am so inspired by the pictures and posts from all of you. So I am keeping it in braids and rows and trimming it each time I undo them... (I have not relaxed it for 6 months now.) My biggest worry is this! When I have my hair abit longer and I want to wear it natural I really would like to have neat ringlets or curls... Is this possible? Is there a way I can find out if my hair will do that before I chop it all off?

Thanks ladies!!


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    I work in accounting so I feel your pain. When I transitioned for 10 months and did the big chop one of my fears was that I wouldn't look professional anymore if I had to wear crazy looking hair to work every day :laughing9:
    When I cut off my hair and went to work most people told me that they loved my curls and my hair cut. All that worrying for nothing!

    There are many different styles you can do when you're natural. I can wash it, air dry and gel it for a curly look. I will rollerset and wear in spirals. Or I can just put in a bun (mine is teenie tiny now) and slick it back. I buy clips, headbands, cute pins... there are so many choices out there. I think that if you put the time and effort you can find ways of looking professional.

    I spoke to the diversity leader at Prudential at an event 2 weeks ago and she has the most beautiful locs I had ever seen. Mind you, she's an executive and she was fierce. Her make-up & clothes were sharp, her hair was gorgeous, and I think more importantly she carried herself well and demanded respect without saying a word. To me that's the way to do it.
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    Angenoir do you have a fotki subscription or a picture posted somewhere to take a quick glance at your curls? I think its hard to know what your hair would do without viewing the texture. I still think that you can obtain good results with the tightest curls regardless. There are so many products out there nowadays, you just have to find the one that suits you best. Back when I was a little girl my mother used to comb our curls out without any hair products or styling agents, we would be lucky if she applied some vaseline leaving our pony tails all poofy and funny looking... that would lead to braids or twirls in a bun. I hated it. Thank god for hair gel!

    I work as an IT Professional and have to work with over 500 employess in a daily basis. So my appearance is very important. I wear my hair up in a pony tail every day to look neat. I am not too comfortable about it but I hardly have time although I am looking for some ideas to style differently and less time consuming... already taking some ideas into consideration so we might see some changes in my fotki. :afro:
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    Angenoir welcome! Hope you have a photo or 2 to post, really helps to get targeted advice. General advice see below.

    The key to wearing my hair out is a good cut, lots of moisture, conditioning, and styling products that help define texture. I don't get my hair cut much (2-3 times a year trims) but this really helps me manage it. My last cut was August 1. 16 weeks out, I'm having to do more patting and fluffing and taking care about product, where before it was much easier (but my ends are okay see below for why).

    IMO, the most important thing you can do for yourself (and it's probably tough in Belgium) is to take the time to find a hair salon that knows curly hair, and that knows hyper-textured, highly curly hair. The salon I go to most of the clients I see are wavies, spirals and botticellis, but the curly stylists do know how to cut my 4a hair, and to style it too - better than I can :colors: I have found it's not a racial or ethnic thing or "natural salons" -- it's about curly hair proficiency.

    There's a salon reference on this site. You could also email Christo or Ouidad or Devachan or Dianne DaCosta and ask about Belgian resources. Look around you; if you see a woman whose hair you like tell her so and ask her where she goes. I didn't do it with this one woman who had a fab cut, but I'm stalking the Walnut Street Whole Foods until I see her again :laughing9:

    Regarding my ends - I take care of them by doing overnight "baggying" -- coating the hair with a moisturizer, then the ends with an oil and covering with a baggy, Saran wrap or conditioning cap. Some women do only the ends with ponytails. I do the whole head; I call it my Rainforest treatment.

    General advice:
    - try to eliminate products with silicones and mineral oils
    - After those things are out of your hair try to condition wash only (better moisture retention) or shampoo with a non-sulfate, or use a no-poo (conditioning cleanser with no detergents)
    - Read ingredients and get to know the good ones
    - Condition often, moisturize dry hair often with a light lotion (just a tiny bit).
    - Find a stylist who can do micro braids and twists so you can wear protective styles. I want to go "protective" for part of next year with twists/braids.
    - Everything I learned about hair and products I learned from looking at Fotkis of women whose hair I admired, and reading these and other hair boards. Styling I learned from going to a curly stylist and from a Ouidad road show. Ouidad does have a styling guide on her site (and you don't have to use her products) Click here
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    try using a product that defines your curls it will make the curls look more neat and less frizzy (if it frizz),also deep conditioning and lots of moisture will help.Start looking for hair products from now, try using the ones that will make your hair feel nice and look nice also !Good luck with your transition!
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    Hi Ladies,

    I'm bumping this thread in case there are more professionals who can lend more ideas about styles while transitioning and the big chop.

    I work in accounting and even though I have one co-worker supporting me I'm really nervous.

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