How many times?

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So I've had my hair colored, oh boy! Red, red roots, and then dark kinda burgundy/brown. Not pretty at all. Especially when I was hoping for chestnut/auburn.

My question is, how many times can hair be colored in a certain amout of time?

I will say that the stylist kept mentioning that my hair was REALLY healthy. She had to use Matrix because we knew we needed to lighten my hair from the really dark brown it had in it.

Any suggestions?
"Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Our goals should be health (and) stamina." - Emme Aronson

3A short inverted bob, auburn with red highlights colored hair
Fine, but lots of it

Yes to Cucumbers Color Care shampoo and conditioner, AOMMJ, KCCC, CJCIAB, CJRP, CJBCLI, CJCR.

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