Jessicurl question

are these good for the winter? because of all the oils?


  • rejoicingcurlygirlrejoicingcurlygirl Posts: 654Registered Users
    I can only speak from personal experience, but i have actually had much better luck with jessicurl now that the weather is turning cooler and dryer. It was a little heavy at times for the hot humid weather, but i am loving it now. HTH
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    I've been using Jessecurl since the weather turned cold and we turned on the heat. I was using DevaCare for months without problem and then I started getting too frizzy. I continue to to use CK right through the change of weather.
    I might try DevaCare again to confirm this hypothesis! :scratch:
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    I use jessicurl condish all year round because of the oils. In the winter I use WDT overnight (with even more oil) & only 1hr/week in the spring/summer. My hair loves the oils.
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