So....I am probably the dumb on here...but I walked into Ulta on Friday and was surprised to see DevaCare products on the shelf. I didn't know you could get those at Ulta!
In light that development and the fact that you all have developed my inner PJ, I spent too much money buying a bunch of products because, darn it, I just wanted my hair to look fabulous. So $100 and a little guilt later, I have enough hair products to use and experiment with for the rest of my life. And might I had that I had THE BEST hair day I have EVER had since wearing my hair curly! I had been using Jessicurl (and will continue to I am sure) which helped to begin to make my hair healthy again. But on Saturday, where is what I did:

Wash with HCC, Condish with Kenra Moisturizing Condish, raked through/scrunched Biotera gel, plopped 15 minutes, diffused until 80% dry, clipped and let air dry, scrunched in ISO bouncy curl creme.

And my hair was: soft, very curly, full of volume, not fizzy, and pretty much perfect. I have never loved my hair so much. My hair that I would have told you was 2b with some 3a (although it has been getting curlier since I started taking care of it) was suddenly MOSTLY 3a with a little 2b in the under layers :happy2:
HCC + Kenra Condish + Biotera Gel and Leave In + diffusing = beautiful 3A spirals :)


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    Watch your Sunday newspaper and various magazines for Ulta coupons. They have them often.

    The coupons are usually $3.50 or $5.00 off a purchase of at least $10.00.

    I've heard Ulta has great deals the day after Thanksgiving, but don't know if that's true.
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    I've heard Ulta has great deals the day after Thanksgiving, but don't know if that's true.

    Yes they do. I worked there last fall, my first day was black friday. They have great deals, and last year they had a buy one get one free on devacurl stuff. They have great after thanksgiving sales, but kinda limited quantities on tthe really good stuff.
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