Does anyone have Strictly Curls

pugmuffinpugmuffin Posts: 20Registered Users
Has anyone bought this book yet? If anyone out there would like to get rid of their copy, I'd be interested in purchasing!!

Let me know how you liked it!!


  • SmallFrySmallFry Posts: 614Registered Users
    i don't have it but

    I want this book too!!!
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    Let me look for my copy. I'll get back to you if I can find it!
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  • futurehopefuturehope Posts: 40Registered Users
    I have this book and will sell it to you.

    I am going to PM you right now.
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    Is this the updo style book? Anyone else have it? I'll buy or swap for it. thanks

  • gigilaprofgigilaprof Posts: 66Registered Users
    I'm looking for a copy, too, if there's one out there. PM me if you have one!
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