What type am I?

KurlyKristaKurlyKrista Registered Users Posts: 1

Because I honestly have no idea. But I guessed 2b or 2c. Possibly 3a.


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    I would guess a 2c. I am a 2b, but it is confusing, isn't it? It seems your hair is like mine, the longer it gets, it loses it's curl from the weight. Good question.
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    Your hair is so thick and pretty!! :happy2:

    Your hair looks similar to what my hair looked like when I was younger - I would say you are a 2c b/c of how thick it is.

    Also, FIA has a more user friendly hair classification system. You could google them and figure it out that way!
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    2B or 2C. 2Cs have some spirals, and 3As are mostly spiral curls. Also, 2Cs are wavy and straighter when the hair is cut short, but can get curlier the longer it grows. 3As seem to stay curly or get curlier the shorter the hair. You have beautiful hair whatever the type!
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