please help!

okay, this is the first time i'm posting..been looking around for awhile. I thought I'd come to ask you guys for some help.

I made a pretty big mistake. I was trying using natural products as leave-in conditioners, to help out my hair. I tried mayo once, and it turned out well, so I thought using shea butter would make my hair really nice after too. Big mistake! It is impossible to wash out -- I called a pharmacy, they suggested dishwashing detergent. So I used all these horrible products to wash it out, including the detergent + apple cider vinegar, and shampooing about 8 times. It is a bit better, but nowhere near all washed out. Can anyone Please help me? I'm so frustrated, my hair feels really greasy and dried out, and I feel like I just ruined my hair with all of these products.

Sorry if this is kind of long, but if anyone can help, that would be so great! THank you


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    I'm not really sure, but I would try to not take any drastic measures. I used shea butter daily when I was CG and never had any problems with it, so I'm really surprised.

    That is just terrible. You might want to give your hair a few days of TLC to bounce back from the serious scrubbing and then take stock of the situation again and clarify if you need to.

    Maybe someone else will have suggestions :(

    I would maybe post this is the general forum if I were you just because there is more traffic there and you might get more responses faster.
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    Does your hair feel very oily? Try blowing drying your hair section by section and blotting with paper towels as you go. Then wash with a clarifying shampoo. Try not to over wash your hair especially with harsh detergents you may do harm. If you have done all you can just stop and let it resolve itself. Sleep on cotton pillow cases this will also absorb the oil and change them often. My neice did this with vaseline. Eventually my Sis had to just give up and eventually her hair was back to normal. (I don't know how long it took). Just think at least your hair will be well conditioned!
    Good Luck!

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