product help

Can you all give me some suggestions? I have been trying to experiment, but don't have a huge budget and am getting irritated. Yesterday....I contemplated straitening....

About my hair- Mostly 2b, but has some serious 3a potential. I have fine hair and after a bout of post traumatic stress syndrome, I have less of it now that i did before. It isn't thin, but certainly not thick. It tends toward buildup, but HCC has been great :) It is still dry....

Products in my hair:
[buylink=]Jessicurl HCC[/buylink] seems like it works awesome in my hair- use 2x per week
Co-wash- I have used various V05 and Suave conditioners. Sometimes good results, sometimes not so good. I can't tell there is any rhyme or reason to it. co-wash 2x per week.
My hair seems to soak up and LOVE Jessicurl TooShea, but then my hair seems...a little dry, but mostly just not soft if that makes sense.
Styling products hate my hair-they seem to dry it out?, but my hair needs them. I have used various GF and HE gels, [buylink=]Rockin Ringlets[/buylink], comfident coils, etc.
I plop for about 15 minutes, diffuse until mostly dry, clip and air dry the rest of the way. This seems to be a very effective styling method for me, regardless of product, my hair turns out best when I do this.

So I think my main question for recommendations is this: What would be a good conditioner that would make my hair SOFT but not weigh it down. What styling products would you recommend? I just need someone to help me diagnose so I don't go entirely broke trying to figure this out.

Sorry this was long. Thanks in advance!!!
HCC + Kenra Condish + Biotera Gel and Leave In + diffusing = beautiful 3A spirals :)