Henna and Curls

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I've been using henna about every 2 months for a year now. I love it, but I notice that it seems to take the curl out of my hair. Does anyone have expereince with henna and can I rinse with something (ACV maybe?) afterwards to help my hair get back to normal. Thanks!


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    I've never used henna, so I can't help with solutions, but I have heard that it loosens curls. Your best bet might be to stop using it.
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    I have some grays now and I don't want to use any chemical dyes. Cancer-causing aside, I found that even the ones at Whole Foods turned my hair to hay. I guess I could henna just the front portion, but I know (unfortunately) that the greys will probably just keep coming :roll:
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    Some people use amla (the powdered kind) to enhance curls after henna has loosened them a bit. I haven't used amla myself, but you could do a search at the bottom of the site I linked to, and find several methods of using it. Here's a place to start:
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    I mix my henna with amla, and I don't have any curl loss. Also, now that you have a good build-up of henna on your hair, you might just want to only do the roots with henna every month or two and do a whole-head application only every 6 months or so.