Could someone help me with my hair type??

jle323jle323 Registered Users Posts: 37
Hi everyone! I'm just trying to figure out what my hair type is. I recently got a deva cut, but she wasn't familiar with with terms here. She told me I'm coarse wavy. Does that make me a 2c??





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  • Kasey314Kasey314 Registered Users Posts: 308
    Your hair is v. pretty, and I think your cut looks great! :happy2:

    I would say you are a 2c - your hair actually seems similar to mine but a bit wavier (jealous!!!).

    Just curious, did your stylist give you any tips on how to care for your hair? I just love it when deva stylists do! :laughing9:
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  • FearnotsomuchFearnotsomuch Registered Users Posts: 368
    With the right routine, I could even see you being a 3a. I do see some beginnings of spirals in there!
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  • jle323jle323 Registered Users Posts: 37
    Thank you ladies!

    CG since 10/07
    2c/sometimes 3a

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