New here with some questions

I'm new to CG and only just recently started (last week). And I'm extremely overwhelmed looking at this website! I had no idea there was so many ways to do your hair.

I got a devacut on Monday, and I'm actually not all that happy with it. I'm hoping it's just that I'm not used to seeing myself with curly hair. My hair's been frizzy all week, and I've had to wash it everyday (when I straightened it, I would go a few days between washings). I also thought my hair was curlier than she was able to get it - she told me I'm a coarse wavy (does that make me a 2C? or a 2b? She wasn't that familiar with those definitions, so she couldn't tell me.) Parts of my hair (like my bangs) have difficulty curling, and she thought it might be because I've been straightening them out and that with time they'd curl easier.

Anyway, I bought all devacurl products at the salon and have been using them all week (No poo, C-one, Angel, Set it Free, and Mister Right). I haven't been that impressed with them, but it might be because I'm not using them right. She used a ton of product in my hair and I don't think I'm putting enough in. It felt weird, so I tried to keep more out. I think I have to look around this site and see how others use them. My first question is this - how do you use Mister Right? I've been spraying it on my hair, then scrunching. But scrunching seems to add frizz. Is there another way I'm supposed to use it?

Also, what's the difference between the devacurl products and jessicurl? How do you know one will work better for your hair? Is it just a matter of trial and error? Because it's a little too expensive for me to keep buying products and discarding them. I know I need to give the devacurl products a little more time, but it seems everyone here has such different routines, I was curious how you found out what worked for you.

Thanks for listening!

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    Hi Jaime!

    First: you don't have to use products like Devacurl and Jessicurl to achieve CG curls...if you look around the board, you'll see many CG curlies use regular ole drug store conditioners like Suave, White Rain and VO5 to co wash and condition and style. So if the pricey-ness of some of these products turn you off (which I can't blame you), you may want to try the drug store stuff.

    About the frizziness...did you clarify before starting CG, to make sure you got rid of any non-cg product build up in your hair, like cones?

    Also, the stylist did have a good point about your hair having difficulty to curl due to the straightening you used to your hair heals and regains its health, you'll see your curls bounce back to life.

    And if you are new to CG, expect a few weeks to pass before you start to see your hair regain it's true curl.

    I'm not sure how to use Mister Right...I only used Devacurl products when I first started CG and never got around to use MR...someone else here may be able to help you.
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    You totally don't need to use only DevaCurl or Jessicurl...You'll find there are curlies who can't use either. The very beginning of CG is about experimenting and blowing all of your money on products :wink: The good thing about buying locally is that you can return what doesn't work for you.

    I second the question about claryifing. I think some people need to use sulfates more than once to clarify before they're ready to start.

    I know nothing about Mister Right either. But, if you're scrunching it into your hair while it's wet it'll make your hair frizzy. It's so important to keep your hands off your hair until it dries.

    And don't give up too soon either, it'll take your hair some time to adjust. As your hair gets healthier it'll curl better.

    Don't be overwhelmed :bounce: You'll get the hang of it andhave lots of fun with your hair in no time!
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    I use Mr. right as a curl refresher either late in the day, or to achieve 2nd day hair. I second the not using it to scrunch, especially not wet.
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    Thank you ladies for your replies!

    I did not clarify first; I think I will try to do a vinegar rinse tonight.

    So I spray in Mister Right and let dry without touching... That's been the hardest part the past week. I feel an odd compulsion to touch my hair as it's drying.

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    Welcome to the boards! I do feel like a lot is trial and error. I've realized there are certain products that I just need to pay more money for, and others that I can get away with using drug store products. For instance, I have had good luck w/ a cheaper gels, but usually need a salon quality conditioner.

    I also have become much more ingredient saavy since happening upon this site, and have noticed certain ingredients that work better for me than others. I have been doing mod-cg for a year now, and my hair is incredibly healthy. It is crazy to me that I get overconditioned so easily now, whereas before I had really dry hair. It is worth it to give it a good trial. I would also advise you to stick with one routine/ product rotation for a while to get a good idea if it works or not (otherwise you risk becoming a product junkie like the rest of us). =)

    I did not have much luck w/ Deva either. It made my hair gunky, and I didn't care for the smell. No Poo started to really irratate my scalp too. The only product I had any success w/ was Set it free. I haven't tried Mister Right, but I believe it is a setting/ hairspray, so I wouldn't scrunch it unless your hair was dry. I liked Jessicurl a lot better, especially [buylink=]Too Shea[/buylink]! conditioner. I think it is worth the price for how well it works.

    Good luck to you on your hair journey!
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    I would also advise you to stick with one routine/ product rotation for a while to get a good idea if it works or not (otherwise you risk becoming a product junkie like the rest of us).

    Why wasnt I warned of this? LOL. I cant stop buying hair stuff!!

    jle323, I've not used many products from Deva, but when I first decided to go CG, I used mainly Jessicurl products. They were really nice and I had a lot of good hair days.
    :) Vanessa :)
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