Frosting changing hair's consistency?

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I have dark brown hair, and want a change. I know frosting kits are not the same as highlighting and that highlighting is supposed to look better, but I've used the Revlon frosting kit before and liked the results. It has a lot of great reviews on Makeup Alley, too. I used the one for med. to dark brown hair before, and now I'm going to use the new one they have out for dark brown to black hair. It's supposed to give chestnut highlights.

Anyway, if you lighten your hair, do you notice that it really changes your hair's consistency? I remember it didn't really damage my hair, but it almost made it thicker and made it more pliable. I think this may be a good thing since my hair seems like it's losing volume lately (I wear it back a lot which may be thinning it out a bit). They've given the product packaging a makeover since I used it several years ago - I don't think it will make a difference in the product since bleaching powder is bleaching powder. Have you done frosting or highlighting lately? How did it affect your hair? The only thing I worry about this time is that I dyed my hair two months ago. I dyed it slightly darker than my natural color. It's almost faded completely, so I'm not worried, though I'm sure my hair is more porous than virgin hair. I'm trying to grow my hair out, and just got a trim a few weeks ago, so I hope I don't get much damage with this coloring! Wish me luck!
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