I was in Boots yesterday and I noticed a line of hair products called "Naked" that looked quite promising...

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Naked is 97% natural, crammed with gorgeous high quality extracts and free from parabens, SLS and petrochemicals. The 97% “naturalness” comes from plant derived ingredients which make up on average 97% of the product. This means that all that lovely goodness going into your skin isn't spoiled in any way.

Has anybody used these? Would they be good for type 2B/C hair?


  • imported__moptop_imported__moptop_ Posts: 145Registered Users
    I would think that 100% natural or even 97% in this case is safe for hair. I haven't heard of the product but the description is enticing.
  • billyjeanisnotmyloverbillyjeanisnotmylover Posts: 51Registered Users
    97% means nothing in my opinion. What if the other 3% was bad stuff?

    In fact, I'd guess most products are 97% natural (just like our bodies are 99% water or whatever).