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I've been using the CG method since I was 17.. so that's 5 years now! While it's improved my hair and the way I feel about it so much, it could still be better. I'm pretty sure I'm a 3a, although if I treat my hair just right I can get my curls much tighter, and my hair is super dry, so maybe I have some 3b in there too. But generally I don't scrunch much and try to encourage my hair into a more wavy pattern.

I have incredibly dry, poofy hair. I don't have any split ends and my hair is soft and strong, but without tons of product my hair is a giant, floaty, frizz-tubey mess. So I use tons of product - a handful (and I mean a hand full) of Tresemme moisture rich conditioner applied evenly to my whole head every time I wet my hair, and not rinsed at all. With all this goop it takes 3-5 hours to dry completely. I usually shower in the morning, and by the end of the day it has puffed up enough that I start applying vegetable oil to it to try to make it clump. If it is raining or very humid, the ends start to puff as soon as they dry. I can only make it to the 2nd day if the weather is perfect - bone dry, so dry it makes my nose bleed. This doesn't happen very often anymore where I live - the last three years it's been rain and humidity nonstop! from tonight. I washed my hair about four hours ago. I would like to keep it looking like this for longer than 8 hours.. it's too much work to have to do it every day and have it damp and sticky for 5 hours every time. I am planning on growing my hair as long as it will go, so would like to reduce 'prep time'.

More information (is it too much?): I used to plop/plunk when my hair was much, much shorter, and my curls looked great and (if I remember correctly) kept longer. However the back of my head is covered in massive cowlicks, and if I do any styling with my hair flipped over my head, when I stand up my hair diverts itself to the sides.. leaving just 3 or 4 curls to straggle down my neck. Not a good look and the only way to fix it is to finger-comb the hair on the back of my head back where it belongs, which ruins my curls. So all I do in the way of styling is stand under the shower, as cool as I can stand it.. press my hair gently dry with a towel.. and smooth gobs of conditioner into my hair, trying to avoid running my fingers through it as much as possible.

I also just bought some silk pillowcases on ebay. I hope they have some effect!


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    I'm not sure I have much advice for you -- my hair is so short still that I haven't had to worry about drying time yet! :laughing9: That said, I happened to notice that Paul Mitchell Round Trip says that it reduces drying time. I haven't tried it, but there's a thread about it on the product review page - several curlies really seem to like it....
    And do you diffuse at all? I don't bend over upside down to diffuse (it hurts my back) but I lean from side to side to diffuse. One last thought. Have you had a good curly haircut lately? Not to make it shorter, just to cut some long layers in. That might reduce drying time. I notice you live around Philly. Teresa at Mademoiselle hair salon in Haverford is a deva-trained stylist and might be someone who can give you a great cut and some wonderful advice. HTH!
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    do you use any gel? or just conditioner and oil? your hair looks similar to mine. I use [buylink=]jessicurl confident coils[/buylink] on soaking wet hair, then biolage gelee, then I blot the ends with a microfiber towel and diffuse for about 10 minutes. I clip the top so I get volume and let it dry the rest of the way. It does take awhile, but i only wash my hair every other day. I don't usually get good day 2 hair, but sometimes I can. Yesterday I even had compliments on 2nd day hair!

    try gel. You might be pleasantly surprised.
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    Thanks! I'm going to buy some gel tomorrow.

    Well I've been doing a lot of research the last couple of days, and it looks as though gel is the missing ingredient. For some reason I've never tried it.. I guess I had too many negative memories of using it when I was younger.

    That's interesting that you use a diffuser. I don't know anyone with one so I can't test it out.. and I don't want to spend the money on one if it has any of the same effects as a blow-dryer! Blow-drying increases my volume x10. But they seem to work fine for so many people here.. I might just have to buy one.
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    You might be able to find a diffuser attachment that will fit your blowdryer. If it doesn't fit, you can always return it. Look for one with the smallest holes. There have been several threads about different diffusers, so do a search for more information. Diffusers work great because the air flow doesn't blow the hair around so much, and frizz is reduced.
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    You might try the hot sock or a diffuser attachment for your existing dryer. They both are under $10, but make a huge difference when drying hair. hth
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    Yep, I would agree -- gel and a diffuser are key. My hair is a lot like yours (when it's that length -- right now it's about chin-length) and after two month of following a strict Curly Girl regimen, I was totally fed up with waiting nearly three hours for my hair to dry.

    Keeping in mind that every curly girl is different and that what works for one will not work for another and that we are all seeking slightly different results, I have only the following observations to share about what has worked for me:

    - put whatever "clumping" agent you like in your hair when your hair is wet, and scrunch it in for several minutes (do this over a tub or sink obviously, cuz lots of water will come out). My clumping agent of choice is [buylink=]Jessicurl's Rockin' Ringlets[/buylink] but some curlies use a watery gel (like [buylink=]Curl Keeper[/buylink], maybe)

    - use a microfiber towel on handfuls of hair at a time (microfiber towels are essential -- regular towels will absorb product, which won't accomplish what you want). Scrunch handfuls of your hair until it's all at the "towel-dried" state

    - apply another coat of whatever product you believe will protect your hair from the elements (I use Jessicurl's Confident Coils, but this encourages curl, which it sounds like you don't necessarily want too much of). Another option might be a gel like [buylink=]Devacurl AnGel[/buylink]l or Fuzzy Duck.

    - as soon as possible (don't wait more than 5 minutes or so), diffuse with either the famous sock over your existing dryer or buy a dryer that comes with a bowl diffuser (the kind with "teeth"). On low heat, either scrunch (if you're using the sock) or let hair fall directly into the bowl of the diffuser for a couple of seconds at a time, moving the bowl to perform this procedure all over your head. Dry only to about 80 percent and then let it air dry -- this will shorten your drying time considerably (mine takes an hour now, like Curly Girl promised me it would without explaining exactly how that might happen!).

    You have beautiful hair! Good luck.
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    I've been using the tresemme conditioner aswell but i'm pretty sure it isn't CG!! It has dimethicone in it, but i haven't noticed any build up yet and i was just wondering if you had!

    Also, i find that coating giving my hair a honey rinse, coating it in conditioner, followed by pink boots and scrunching some gel in leaves my hair pretty good especially if i plop it overnight and let it dry completly in the morning! This also saves shower time!!
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    HI! I live in the Philly area too and for a cut I definitely recommend Teresa at Madamoiselle! She's great at cutting, although I don't use the DevaCurl products.
    Since, My hair is 3a, and somewhat similar to yours, I want to say that gel and a bowl diffuser are key for me! However, I diffuse using the Pixiecurl method, which means I use the warm temp, instead of hot and I sit with my head upside and put my hair into the diffuse and put the diffuser against my head, turn it on for a few minutes, then turn it off and then remove hair and move onto another section!
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    rhubarbarin, I can sooooooo relate! Everything from the drying time to the potential for poof to the cowlicks to the ruined curls if you finger comb. But I have to say, mine doesn't look anywhere near as beautiful as yours does in those photos!

    Anyway... I definitely agree with the previous posts that gel and a diffuser will help tremendously. I picked up a blow-dryer with bowl diffuser attachment at Rite-Aide (same kind of thing as CVS, Walgreens, etc.) for about $15. Sooooo worth it and it has nowhere near same volume inducing effects of a plain blow dryer (if I ever took a plain blow dryer to my hair, even on the lowest setting... yowzers :shock:). As for gel, I'm stuck on Matrix Biolage Gelee gel, but there are tons you could try.

    Good luck and keep us posted!
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    I changed my routine and noticed my hair was curlier, but I didn't realize what a change it was until I looked at these pictures again! I was thinking I was a2c/3a, but I'm definately a 3a now, with some 3b bits underneath. I have to take another picture to show the difference, but not now cause my hair's a mess :)

    Thanks everyone for all the advice. I joined TLHC and have spent the last couple weeks reading all the information available there. Seeing all the beautiful hair there has led to a sudden obsession with my hair being LONG. As long as possible, and as healthy as I can make it. So I'm no longer thinking about getting a diffuser. I know they are better for your hair than regular blow-drying, but it is still heat-styling and I already have some breakage and split ends from the sun and swimming (and the time I got bored and decided to use some of my roomate's Sun-In, which I could kick myself for now.. I can see how much more damaged the highlighted bits of my hair are).

    I still haven't bought gel! I want to try to aloe vera first, but I don't drive and Whole Foods isn't within walking distance, so I have to ask my BF to drive me sometime soon (he hates that place,waits in the car every time I make him take me there, haha). I have an aloe vera plant and really could be making my own.. but my plant's so pretty I don't want to break it!
    I've been using the tresemme conditioner as well but i'm pretty sure it isn't CG!! It has dimethicone in it, but i haven't noticed any build up yet and i was just wondering if you had!

    I decided to see if going cone and protein free made a difference. I had been using only this product for years and I wasn't sure if I had build-up since I didn't have anything to compare it to. I bought Trader Joe;s Refresh and Burt's Bees Super Shiny Grapefruit and Sugar Beet conditioners and have been using them for CO washes and leave-ins. I have also been using a little coconut oil as a leave-in on my ends every time I wet it (I seem to be able to use a lot more than most people do. My hair drinks it up and my ends have never felt better). I have noticed a big change in my hair. It is softer, shinier, without the coated look I had before, and while I am still leaving in loads of conditioner the cone-free stuff seems to dry faster. And I've had wear-down-able 2nd and 3rd day hair DURING A RAINY WEEK for the first time ever! So my experiment was definately a success. I am going to keep on buying cone and protein free conditioners and testing them out as leave-ins. the Refresh is good, but only on dry days. it doesn't have enough hold to control frizz in humidity. The Grapefruit and Sugar Beet gives me the most beautiful curls I've ever had, but my hair feels coated and sticky the first 24 hours after washing (maybe it's the sugar in it?). After that though it gradually becomes softer and softer until it feels great. And it holds beautifully through rain and humidity.

    The only negative is that I have more surface frizz than I used to. My hair clumps better and retains the curls, but my canopy is much more easily mussed without cones. Hopefully gel will solve this problem.
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    Do you have any pictures so that we can see the results?
    2c or 3a Cut most of my hair off in July '12 and am working on regrowing it.
  • rhubarbarinrhubarbarin Registered Users Posts: 22
    Pictures.. it's not my imagination that it's curlier is it?!

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