i have a gift certificate to lush

do i want anything for my hair?


  • sessac81sessac81 Posts: 690Registered Users
    I dont know about hair, but you should SO get the creamy candy bubble bar and butterball bath bomb :drunken:
    :) Vanessa :)
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  • mailgirlmailgirl Posts: 451Registered Users
    They have wonderful natural deoderants. I like to use them in the winter to give my underarms a break from anti persperant!

    May the hair gods shine on me (and you!).

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  • FearnotsomuchFearnotsomuch Posts: 368Registered Users
    Nope.. nothing for hair. EVERYTHING has SLS in it.

    That is..if you hate SLS as much as me

    Anyway..butterball, sex bomb, marathon bbs, mask of magnaminty, ocean salt, just to name a few. :laughing9:
    In DESPERATE need of a haircut.
  • orangeserendipity32orangeserendipity32 Posts: 313Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I am a huge LUSH fan! I actually really like the Jungle solid condish. Yes, it has SLS in it, but I use it in a rotation w/ my other conditioners, and it has never dried me out. It has the most intoxicating smell too. I am also able to use it as a leave in, but usually don't because of the SLS. I wasn't impressed by any of the other hair products. I know that they have a new curly hair line of poo and styling products, which I am definitely curious about. As for other LUSH products worth mentioning- I love the massage bars, and the Buffy exfoiliating bar. Have fun shopping, and tell us what you end up getting!
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