No waves it top of head even though...

A-Slave-2-The-WaveA-Slave-2-The-Wave Registered Users Posts: 47
I scrunch when wet and very gently scrunch whilst diffusing.

My gel doesn't contain the PVP or PVP/VA recommended in the CG book - could this be an issue?

I use a light-hold leave in conditioner organic styling gel, with an extra hold gel... could I maybe use some Boots curling creme with it or would it weigh 2a waves down?

I'm trying to acheive more wave, but having little success.

Hope someone can help!


  • eweniqueewenique Registered Users Posts: 1,502 Curl Neophyte
    Each head of hair has its own personality and wave/curl potential. Wavy hair just doesn't curl much, or curl up to the roots. If you are trying CG methods, your hair will be able to reach its highest wave/curl potential, but wavy hair usually won't turn into really curly hair. So we need to make the most of our own unique hair personality. HTH.
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  • annie mayannie may Registered Users Posts: 87
    I, too, am flat topped. I "cheat"; I clip the front for lift and I put in 3-6 big pin curls and clip it upright so when it's unclipped, it sits fluffy, not flat.
    I gotta really defuse for volume curls.
    Getting curlier the longer I CG :-)
  • CurlyinColoradoCurlyinColorado Registered Users Posts: 3,093
    Me too, I'm always looking lift up stairs. The only way I can achieve this is through less length, the longer my hair, the less volume on top, the shorter my hair = more volume. It is the nature of the beast, oh, hmmm curl.

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