Have not had a good hair day since finishing HE HD gel--help

I just realized that the incessant frizziness and bad hair I've been having for the past few months started right after I finished up my old tube of HE HD gel. I've tried the SMU and TT versions, they were OK but still I have frizzy nasty hair. I've tried a lot of other gels and creams and they all wind up coating my hair or not doing squat for the frizz. Or coating my hair AND leaving me frizzy! Any tips for gels that can control frizz as well as the old HD gel, without heavy 'cones or lanolin, beeswax, castor oil, etc?
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    HEBE and/or L.A. Durahold--I love both of these gels! Although can be crunchy easy to scrunch. I pair with Deva Once C and Rockin'Ringlets. Works well. Hair Type: 3A?? or something close depending on the day!
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    I've not seen the Durahold around here...wouldn't it be ironic if the best replacement gel for me was the 1 of the three that I did NOT already try?
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    I can only find it at Longs Drugs.
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    Soma Hard Hold Gel (at some Trade Secrets/Beauty Expresses), AG Styling Jel Firm Hold, and ISO Daily Styling Gel all gave me similar results to HE HD gel. Unfortunately, they're all salon brands so more $.
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    No advice, but I do have a tube of HE HDG that I used maybe twice. I'll send it to you, if you want, and you could save it for special occasions. I know what it's like to have your HG discontinued.
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    Which one is/was that?
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    Have you tried the Alagio crazy curl balm yet? It may work well for you, I love it.
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