Pineapple question for 2nd day curls

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OK, I've been putting my hair into a pineapple nightly for quite a long time, mostly because it's just too long to leave down and it strangles me at night if I don't contain it.

I turn upside down and gather it all on top of my head, loosely, then use a scrunchie to hold it hop there, sort of doubled.

In the am, I take it down and it is just a mess. Tangled, knotted, flat and frizzy. It is unresponsive to spritizing and spraying with [buylink=]Awe Inspiraling Spray[/buylink] and/ore Gelabration. I think it is quite thick and dense and the product can't get through without a lot of help from a wide toothed comb. So I either wet it in the shower, condition and start over, or I brush it and run a flat iron or curling iron through it to make it look unfrizzed, then I put it up.

I'd really love to learn how to have curls on day 2 (or 3 or 4), and to not look like a bag lady.

What are your secrets?
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    When I had long hair, I pineappled by putting it in a loose bun on top of my head. I have really thick hair so keeping it in a bun prevented any unnecessary movement and tangling. The curl was pulled out a bit in the morning, but it was fine.
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    Normally I cowash then plop overnight, unleash it from the t shirt in the morning and it looks pretty good! However if i don't have time to wash in the evening i have found if you just sleep with your hair spread out of the pillow behind you (so your not sleeping on it) then you wake up with fairly lively curls! Although this is not a very good method if you move about in your sleep a lot.... I usually mix a dab of pink boots or [buylink=]confident coils[/buylink] solution with a little bit of lavender water to revive droopy curls!

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    Have you tried sleeping on a satin pillowcase? You could also try putting the loose ends in a hair net on top of the pineapple to contain them - looks like a bun. You could also try misting your hair before pineappling so that it is a little damp. It seems that not many curly girls can actually get 2nd day hair, unless they have tight curls.
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    What I really like to do and it makes my hair super curly. I co wash at night and then I bend over and scrunch my hair, hold it on the top of my head and use a clip to keep it on top. Then I take all the left over hair and do the same. I do this wet. But I scrunch as I do it and clip it down in a scrunched fashion. When I wake up in the morning, I take out the clips and shake out my hair and I have wild, sexy curls. This is my husband's favorite style...
    He used to only like it when I blow dryed my hair wavy. go fig
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