1st Time RC Roots / Color: YAY, Success ! ! !

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OK, if I can do this -- ANYONE can! :thumbup:

I never thought I could do my own roots. Well, I did it, and I sure didn't do it under optimal conditions (nobody to help with the back, not very good light, plus I have quite a lot of hair to deal with), and it came out REALLY WELL! :hello1: Yes, there's a little bit at both temples that I either missed (how could I miss that??!) or that didn't grab well enough, but the rest of it looks great, and you can't see those areas unless I pull up the long hair that falls over it. I can't see much in the back of course -- and indeed, the scariest part is that I was basically working blind & just going by feel -- but I can't see any gray bits when I go through my hair, and I had LOTS of gray roots (a good 1" worth) all through the crown.

The color itself is perfect! It looks just like what I had before, only better, nice warm medium brown with auburn and golden tones. I got just the right amount of red and no clown-hair effect. I used 1/4 Light Auburn #12 and 3/4 Golden Chestnut #7. What's amazing is that -- sight unseen -- CurliLocks here suggested #7 for me, and Karin from Robert Craig (also sight unseen, no pic) suggested the mixture. So, any of you who are afraid to try coloring yourself, be not afraid! Apparently, it is NOT such a mysterious complex endeavor that we must leave it to the pros, which I simply can't afford. I am VERY happy with my results.

Not only that -- when I had my roots done by my stylist four months ago, my hair felt AWFUL for about three weeks. It set me back months in the progress I'd made going CG, and my scalp got really dry & itchy, too. The RC color has left my hair very soft, silky and shiny, and it came out wavier than usual, too. Also, it has no nasty haircolor smell, and it was much less messy than the home coloring I've used for years (L'Oreal Color Spa/Moisture Actif). When it was time to rinse it out, there was very little color going down the drain, which means the color must really stay in your hair. With the L'Oreal, I'd be rinsing and rinsing for a long time, and splashing dye all over my shower.

The hardest part was being stressed that I wasn't going to cover all the roots esp. in back, and worrying that I'd get a bad result from getting color in splotches on the length. Well, I didn't have to worry. I think this stuff blends so well & looks so natural that you can't really screw up unless you are doing something a lot darker than your existing color. Also, I sectioned my hair using jaw clips and some covered elastics, and when it was time to take them out to run color through the length, the clips & elastics got tangled up and I ended up pulling out some hair.

Thanks so much to everyone who held my hand through this especially Madame CurliLocks, :wav: and thanks for all the other very informative RC threads. I'm so glad I discovered this color -- I had never heard of it before I came here, and it is a MAJOR improvement over anything I've used before.

THANK YOU! DOING HAIR HAPPY DANCE! :happy2: :love1: :hello1: :toothy7:
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    Great news! Yay! :cheers: I'm so happy you didn't have any trouble coloring by yourself, it can be challenging! ;) As far as the spots that were missed or didn't cover well, you can safely mix up a little and touch them up anytime (after you order more color ;) ). Now you know for next time to start with those areas first. I always start on my most resistant gray areas, then go to the rest. That way they get the max time.

    RC does say his color is conditioning, that's why it does come out soft (and sometimes curlier), not dry and damaged. :)

    So, are we going to get to see pictures of this beautiful color? :D
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    :cheers: Good show!
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