Bumbo Seat Recall

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I heard this on the Today show this morning. Took me awhile to actually find an article about it.

I know a lot of us have this little seat.

Updated...I guess it's not really a recall just an update to their packaging to add a bunch of warning labels.

I think most of us here have the common sense to not put the kid in the seat on the table and then walk away. :D


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    I'm sorry, but it amazes me that there's enough stupid people out there to warrant a recall/warning like this. How does anyone in their right mind put their child on a high surface without supervision is just beyond me. :scratch:
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    People are idiots. I heard about this and got worried, because I got a Bumbo seat at my shower -- I'm glad that there's not actually anything wrong with the product, just an "end user malfunction."
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    Here is the story from ABCNEWS...


    ITA with everyone else... We have a Bumbo Seat (which we really don't use right now since Liam is too big for it! But we have never put it on a table or anything high!! DUH!!!!
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    I love the bumbo and I'm glad it's not really recalled. I was going to keep mine anyway. I think they said there are a million of them out there and a handful of kids fell out of them, I figured the odds were in my favor of it being okay.

    We actually did put Lucy in hers on the dining room table, so that she was like our centerpiece while we were eating, but we never left her alone - not even for a second. My husband would stay with her while I was doing what I had to do in the kitchen, and then we would switch if he had to go into the kitchen. I'm glad to see I wasn't just being a paraniod new mom.
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