Going to dump soon!

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Sob story; I just moved out, lost my good job, and started college. Hello, life changes! Nowadays I have a low paid internship, apartment with my high school sweetheart, less space and more bills. I have a collection of products I've tried once (or never!) that are cluttering my limited space, you see. I'm also low on cash that can be spent on necessaries like lunch for those days that I wake up too late to pack. Obviously sleep > food in my book. So!

These babies are stock photos linked to web-sites with info like price, ingredients, reviews, etc. I have also included my own notes. I will accept ANY GOOD OFFERS INCL. SHIPPING! Seriously, don't be bashful. I'm not expecting to get back what I paid. Although, keep in mind that shipping will be at least $2-3 with the envelope purchase. I don't have any old ones to reuse.

In short; ANY GOOD OFFER! Seriously, I'll take a couple bucks + shipping. I need lunch monies!

Note; I used this one time - about a golf ball blob. I don't have the cap, but it does work fine.

Note; I tried this a few times. You see in the photo where the first word in green is? It says GARNIER with a line under it? Well, the gel is in the middle of that green word at the top. Again, no cap, sprays fine.

Note; This is a new little tub. I tried some at a friend's house before trying my own because I thought I had the receipt and could return it. I didn't.

Note; This is for "hair colored darker" although it's clear, so ? It's a really a gorgeous shimmery spray, but I don't use it. I paid almost $5.00 for it, too. >.< No cap, works fine.

Note; I bought this after so many straight haired girls saying it gave them beach waves. It felt nice, and it made my hair soft when applied dry. I just don't use it - only twice. No cap, sprays fine.

Note; I haven't used it. I think I was persuaded by the "eliminates frizz" on the bottle.

Note; I hate dipping my hand into tubs, so I don't know why I bought this. I scooped some out with a tablespoon twice. I bought it at Sally's. Good stuff, but I don't use gel much.

Note; I bought this at Sally's because I love the curl cream. I don't know why exactly, though, since I'm stuck another mousse. I didn't use it, but I did manage to lose the cap.

Note; I used it once - golf ball size blob. It's very nice, but I'm so stuck on another kind that I haven't used it. No cap, works fine!

Help me out, ladies! PM, post, e-mail, just hollarrr back. ;]


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    New day bumppp because I need some monies. xD
  • JessyCatJessyCat Registered Users Posts: 91
    Edited for a Laundo sale.
  • JessyCatJessyCat Registered Users Posts: 91
    Last chance. :[

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