Blended Beauty/Cutie, Curls - Gone!

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I have a few items that I'd just like to have OUT of my closet! I'd be happy to swap for anything that's a rich conditioner, a healthy oil, or anything that adds moisture but doesn't have hold, has no proteins, and is CG friendly. No swaps? No problem! The items are yours, no charge. The only 'hitch' is it's all or nothing. =)

Blended Cutie "Down & Out Styles" 250 ml, about 3/4 full
Blended Beauty "Kick for Curls" (spray) about 1/3 full
Curls "Spiral Curls Cream" sample (about 3/4 or more full)
Curls "Goddess Glaze" sample (about 1/4 full)

PM if interested!



  • kdcreighkdcreigh Registered Users Posts: 736
    PMed you!

    kdcreigh 4a and b (who knows?:dontknow:)

    Relegated to occasional lurking in order to keep the PJ in check!
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  • mslanee1mslanee1 Registered Users Posts: 439
    PMing you!
    CURRENT PRODUCTS: Oyin Honey Hemp, Honey Wash, Burnt Sugar Pomade, Shine and Define, and Whipped Pudding. Also loving HH Hello Hydration and HENNA!

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