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Well today I dyed my hair back to my natural color, dark brown. I want to grow my natural color out, because my hair has so much damage from nonstop dying the last 10 years. So I will no longer be dying my hair from this day on out. But I do suspect that the color will fade a bit in time, and I'm afraid it'll go back to a reddish color. What do you brunettes out there use to keep your color fresh? I read that coffee helps keep the brown color fresh. I also read some of you who recently used mollasses instead of honey noticed your hair seemed richer in color...any suggestions? :)
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    I would be really interested in an answer to this also. I been dying my hair for years also and always get brassy color now no matter what color I use and I have never put red on it
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    The color shouldn't fade if it's permanent color. If it does then you can refresh with a semi permanent. There are natural alternatives out there too like you mentioned. Soon enough you will see your own hair again. Good for you, I wish I could stop dying but since I am going gray I can't. It's my color but it still fades (red). I noticed that my color fades in the sun so I wear hats or stay out of intense sunlight.

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    I've never used a permanent dye on my hair - only a type 2 dye, namely Clairol Natural Instincts. I used it to go from a med/dark brunette to a dark red, and that worked well. It faded out the following summer in the sun, however, so I used the same product to go dark brown.

    I really like this stuff, cause first of all, it does fade out more naturally, so especially if you're using something that's close to your natural hair colour, there is very little in the way of roots. On the box, it says about 28 washes to fade out completely, but being CG, mine doesn't fade nearly that quickly. So it's really good if you just want to enhance your natural colour. I find it's not really damaging either, it not being permanent.

    I may eventually try henna to go red, but right now I'm rocking the dark brunette thing - I've got fair skin and blue eyes, so it looks pretty striking. And it's super close to my natural colour.
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