Pre-natals and hard stools

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I took pre-natal vitamins for a few months before trying to conceive, and all through my pregnancy. I was told that I should continue taking them while breast feeding to rebuild my iron and folic acid. However, a few weeks post partum I started having problems with hard stools. Maybe TMI - It was hard to get them out, and they felt so hard and jagged that they hurt like Hades coming out and felt like they were ripping me. Every time I went, my behind would be sore for the rest of the day and sitting hurt. I got a hemorrhoid during delivery from pushing, so I thought maybe it was still there and being aggravated.

I had read on another site that the iron in prenatals can cause constipation (I wasn't constipated, I went every day or two but the stools were just hard) so I decided to stop them and see what happened. Almost immediately, I had normal, softer stools and no pain and no problems in that area. So I haven't wanted to take the vitamins again, but I feel like I still need them. Are there any brands with less iron, or is there anything I can do about this?
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    I really liked the prenatals I bought from health food stores.
    I took Country Life Maxi and didn't have any problems with them. I also needed extra calcium, so I took a separate calcium supplement at night after dinner.
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    One option is to keep taking your vitamins and also have a glass of Benefiber a day (its a clear an tasteless fiber supplement - you can mix it with any drink). I found that really helps in general (I dread those initial PP bathroom visits more than I do labour).

    I've never been one to take vitamins but I'm taking iron supplements right now because of anemia. The pharmacist said that as long as you take the fiber supp at another time in the day from the pills (because it can interfere with absorption if taken together) then its all good.

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    MS, I was SO scared to go after delivery and stitches, but they gave me a stool softener and a squirt bottle and it wasn't too bad. These recent hard stools were so much worse. Are they related to delivery somehow?
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    Keep in mind that your body is using A LOT of liquid to make your stools might be hard because of lack of water in your bowels.

    I know that while I was bf'ing I was more prone to constipation than during other times.
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    I stopped with the prenatal and just started taking Flintstones vitamins with iron. I was having the same problems you describe, but with bleeding and just yuck. I was even doing the Benefiber and it wasn't helping. I'm now starting to recover. Maybe I'll switch back in a bit. But, yeah, you're not alone!
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