Hairdresser in SYdney who understands curly hair

comfortcomfort Posts: 14Registered Users
Finally I have found the perfect hairdresser in my local shopping centre.

She cut my hair dry ( she said that was the way she was taught).
She cut each curl individually and I am in love with her.

If anyone is interested I'll let you know her, wasn't sure if I should put her details up on a bulletin board.

comfort in Sydney


  • AndrianaAndriana Posts: 5Registered Users
    oooh please do tell!!

    Im sick of walking out of a hairdresser about to cry at the monster they have created out of my poor curls. Its absolutely traumatic to visit a hairdresser I say! Im usually politle but run out of there, put it into a bun and wash/style it at home to give it the care it deserves.
  • DancingSonnDancingSonn Posts: 15Registered Users
    Hi Comfort,

    I'm looking at getting my hair trimmed, I was wondering if you could share the name of the hairdresser you recommended in your post? I work in Sydney CBD.

  • lisawilliamslisawilliams Posts: 1Registered Users
    comofrt please please please post the name of your hairdresser.......mine has just gone on maternity leave...ive been with her for 4 years so i am dreading the search for a new one.....
  • hairdavehairdave Posts: 14Registered Users
    Did anyone get the name and were you happy?
  • HannahHeartHannahHeart Posts: 3Registered Users
    I'm also curious to who this hairdresser is. Although I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't available now as it has been a period of time since that first post.
  • chrisnyctoauschrisnyctoaus Posts: 2Registered Users
    I've moved recently to Sydney from NYC, and would really appreciate the contact information of the hairdresser you recommend.
    Thanks so much!
  • suzecurlzsuzecurlz Posts: 6Registered Users
    I've moved recently to Sydney from NYC, and would really appreciate the contact information of the hairdresser you recommend.
    Thanks so much!

    Hi Ive just found a salon on Military Road Neutral Bay - Nicky at Glitz and Glam has curly hair, and knows how to dry cut etc. Best of all, it is not a trendy salon so the price is pretty good. I suggest avoiding Element Hair in Woolhara - there are a lot of reviews of them re curly hair, but I had a terrible - and expensive - haircut with them 5 weeks ago, and am only just now starting to like my curls again - basically they thinned it all out and turned it into frizz (Type 3A hair), and she combed out my curls when they were dry, which defeats the purpose of dry cutting! cheers Suze
  • chrisnyctoauschrisnyctoaus Posts: 2Registered Users
    Hi Ive just found a salon on Military Road Neutral Bay - Nicky at Glitz and Glam has curly hair, and knows how to dry cut etc. Best of all, it is not a trendy salon so the price is pretty good. I suggest avoiding Element Hair in Woolhara - there are a lot of reviews of them re curly hair, but I had a terrible - and expensive - haircut with them 5 weeks ago, and am only just now starting to like my curls again - basically they thinned it all out and turned it into frizz (Type 3A hair), and she combed out my curls when they were dry, which defeats the purpose of dry cutting! cheers Suze[/QUOTE]

    Thanks a mil! I can't wait to book my appointment. I'm a 3A/3B, and my current hairdresser, while probably great with straight hair, has done a similar thing to me by "thinning" my hair out by cutting into it twisted sections.
  • suzecurlzsuzecurlz Posts: 6Registered Users
    Hi Chris
    I need to clarify for you that I haven't actually had Nicky at Glitz and Glam cut my hair yet - I've just made an appointment for a few weeks from now, as I work nearby and somebody recommended them to me. When I went in there to make the appointment, they seemed open to dry cutting and not thinning it out, and the price is very reasonable, so for me that was a big plus. Also the fact that Nicky has naturally curly hair, and wears it curly, is a bonus too.

    If you go there can you please let me know how you go as well?

    From my experience so far in sydney, I've been desperate enough for a good haircut to pay over $120 in the top salons for stylists who claim to be curly hair experts, but then proceed to thin it out, by which time it's too late to stop them.

    so I reckon that finding the right person in a small local salon has just as much luck of a good haircut for curly hair as an expensive fancy one!! Good luck!
  • tokyocurlstokyocurls Posts: 4Registered Users
    Hi there SuzeCurlz
    Am dying to know how you got on with your appointment in Neutral Bay...
    Could the hairdresser actually cut using the Devachan method? Just moved to Sydney after a posting in Tokyo and desperate to find a good salon that uses the drycutting (and dying-hair-by-painting-a-curl-at-a-time) method.
    I do so hope you were pleased with your cut!
  • suzecurlzsuzecurlz Posts: 6Registered Users
    Hi Tokyo Curls
    I ended up going to my 'old favouite' hairdresser in Canberra (!!) - Claire from Bold Hair in Scullin - another out of the way, non-glamourous salon but she has curly hair and knows how to cut - for $42.

    Perhaps you could pop into the Neutral Bay salon and have a chat to Nicky to see her approach? They charge $35 for a cut, but what I've discovered so far is that the price is no reflection on the quality of the cut.

    In terms of the Devachan method, well I have yet to find a hairdresser who even has heard of this term, it seems to be part of a 'secret society' to us online curly girls, not to the wider hairdressing community. The best I hope for is a hairdresser who understands (and follows) what 'no thinning' means, who preferably has curly hair, is willing to dry cut, and also who understands that they don't need to take much off to restore the hairstyle to a good shape.

    The only other thing I will tell you is to avoid Element Hair in Woollhara - they promote themselves online as sydney's curly experts, but when I went there they drastically thinned and 'debulked' my hair - turning it into a limp floppy mop, not joyous full curls.

    I'm moving up to the Gold Coast for work next week, so will begin my search again for a good cutter up there.

    good luck and keep us posted! :-)
  • tokyocurlstokyocurls Posts: 4Registered Users
    Hi SuzeCurlz
    Thanks so much for your suggestion - ironically I will be moving to Canberra in about a month or so I will give your Scullin hairdresser a try.

    However in the meantime (desperate for a cut!!), there is a place recommended by another forum member on a different thread -
    CCCurls wrote: »
    Hi ladies, I recently had my hair cut by Lucas Patterson at Project One Hair in Chippendale, Sydney. He cuts curly hair dry and curl by curl.

    I was really happy with my cut and he listens to what you want, asks lots of questions and makes you feel very comfortable.

    So I will try them and post here how it went. Website looks exxy (min 99 for a cut for long hair) but I'm more than happy to pay for a quality cut if someone knows what they are doing.
    Here's hoping (cross fingers and toes)
  • fonkifonki Posts: 353Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Black is black near Pac fair is still on the gold coast I think.
  • Ros DipRos Dip Posts: 2Registered Users
    Great, I am going to give Project One at Chippendale a try. I'll also post my comments on here afterwards. Don't plan on going until next month though. Like many Sydney curlies, trying to find a stylist who can cut curly hair is definitely a challenge, and styling ??? most have no idea about how to wash, condition and style it. I also suggest avoiding Element Hair - I went to them last year as they appear on Aussie forums as curly experts, but I was so disappointed and never went back. She just quickly cut all the bulk out of my hair, plus took off so much was cut dry but not carefully or curl by curl. I haven't had it cut since ! She even had the nerve to say....."trust me in 4 or 5 weeks you will love it" !!???
  • fonkifonki Posts: 353Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Let us know what products they suggest too?
  • kicksterkickster Posts: 3Registered Users
    Hi guys,

    Thanks to tokyocurls and ros for their suggestion of Project One Hair in Chippendale. I saw Lucas for my cut and was really pleased how he took the time to listen and really seemed to understand curly hair. He cut it dry, curl by curl and it feels great. I'll happily book in with him again.:lol:
  • cocoscurlcocoscurl Posts: 2Registered Users
    Hi, I had exactly the same experience as the others with element hair and would not recommend them. I will try project one also but if anyone knows of someone good around the Newtown area then I would love to hear about it.
  • butterosebutterose Posts: 1Registered Users
    Hi, after reading these posts I went to Project One at Chippendale Syd. Lucas cut my hair dry and did a fabulous job. He listened to what I wanted to achieve and carefully cut my hair curl by curl paying attention to how my curls behaved. As a result I left with a shape I am very happy with & the curls fall into place - best cut I've had. I'm definitely going back. I highly recommend Lucas - and he's a nice guy !
  • hnoonahnoona Posts: 2Registered Users
    I have been searching for a whole year for a curly hair expert, and I have read the above and sent out a couple of E-mails. I live in the West of Sydney, so its a bit far, but not NewYork far so its ok! My next step is trying to find someone who ships devacurl products but that don't cost an arm and a leg!

    Thanks girls. Would love to hear more updates about how the haircuts went :-)
  • fonkifonki Posts: 353Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    One of the times I was visiting Sydney, I got my haircut @ imperial hair with Marcus & had great results -

    I'll be back shortly so will pay em a visit.

    Do you know what CG hair products are available there? I'm just wondering what I need to bring with me.
  • northcurlcurlnorthcurlcurl Posts: 7Registered Users
    fonki wrote: »
    Black is black near Pac fair is still on the gold coast I think.

    Hi Fonki, thanks for your recommendation for the Gold Coast - I've been delayed in replying :-). Ive been to Black is Black, from your recommendation, and they have a great range of products quite reasonably priced, an obscure range but good and natural.

    I've actually found a brilliant curly haired hairdresser here on the Gold Coast and I'd like to share her with you. She's Dana at Hair Biz in Ashmore Plaza in Cotlew Street (the smaller shopping centre with all the parakeets and the large trees). She's one of the few hairdressers I've found with natural curls herself, and is absolutely the best hairdresser I've come across in my 3 years (so far) of growing out my curls. She's a curl champion, has a very funky style, and understands how to style and treat curly hair, and does very minimal cutting. 5++ stars.

    FYI I have 3B curls, and have found so far that any hairdresser who tells me that my hair is too thick and has to be thinned out, doesn't know what they're talking about, and now I will simply walk out of the salon if this is their approach. It takes far too long to recover from a haircut from one of these guys, and Im afraid you can't sue them for damages :-). With the right products and drying technique, I've found that 3B hair really is all about the shape, and being assertive with it.
  • BonnieBoofyCurlBonnieBoofyCurl Posts: 3Registered Users
    Im desperate for some TLC for my curls!!
    I live south of sydney, wollongong area and need a curl-safe salon asap.
    Id prefer not having to travel all the way to sydney for a haircut with 3 kids Lol
    Its been over 2 yrs since i had a trim because of bad salon experiences :( Plz help!
  • northcurlcurlnorthcurlcurl Posts: 7Registered Users
    Hi Bonnie
    a quick reply to your message, all I can do is give you my (so far) foolproof tips for finding a decent hairdresser:

    a. try and find one who has curly hair herself, curls that look great and well cared-for (this is the hard part!) - you want to find a hairdresser who LOVES curls and does not panic in the face of them

    b. ask them about their approach to cutting hair. Please see my response to the previous poster above. If they say that they thin out the hair in any way shape or form, run for your life. They may not say 'thinning' exactly - they will probably disguise it by saying that they 'lighten up' the curls or 'take out some of the weight' - don't believe it for a minute, it means exactly the same thing - they thin it and take the life out of your hair. Unless you like it like that. In my experience so far (3 years of growing out 3B curls from straightened hair, with a huge amount of bungled expensive haircuts in there) - in my experience, the best cuts DO NOT thin out the hair, they like to cut it dry, and they only take out the ends or whatever it takes to shape, not thin.

    c. general tip, do not comb you hair, and load it with moisturiser (as you would know from this website :-))

    Hopefully you can transform Boof into Beauty, best wishes :-)
  • fonkifonki Posts: 353Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Thanks northcurlcurl re tip on hairdresser in Ashmore. I've never bn to that shopg Ctr before as I'm from Kirra. But will give it a go next time I'm home.

    Yr right about the hair products @ BisB. Curly hair products are becoming more popular in Oz - thank goodness. I even noticed at price attack in Tweed that they have a small lil section for curlies with elucence, D&L products etc.
  • fonkifonki Posts: 353Registered Users Curl Neophyte
  • sydneycurlchicksydneycurlchick Posts: 1Registered Users
    Hi all
    I've been reading these forums on and off for years looking for curly hairdressers in Sydney. As others have mentioned, I tried Element in Woollahra once but didn't love it. (It was OK, not a total disaster, but not great). I found Orla Quinlan in Surry Hills by going up to a girl on the street with a funky short do and asking where she got her hair done! Orla is fantastic, really knows curly hair, and I went a few times but it's expensive and one of those fancy salons where they bring you tea, which isn't my scene. She does a cute cut where the curls are longer at the front around your face and shorter at the back, but after a while I wanted something edgier - I was thinking to try shaved at the back - but when I asked her, she kind of did the same cut she always does.
    Anyway by chance I have found a fantastic Japanese guy in Marrickville who gives me the funky curly haircut I've always wanted but never found! It's shaved at the back but longer at the front and on top. He knows curly hair, cuts it dry without you having to request that, and cuts individual curls. He thins it a bit, and knows how to make it look funky. He rents a chair in an African salon called Serengeti and it's far cheaper than the fancy salons. If you want an edgier, more 'Newtown' look which you never thought was possible with curls, go to Taka! He's at 407 Illawarra Road.
  • blueybluey Posts: 1Registered Users
    After reading a few of the recommendations I went to Glitz & Glam on Military Road in Neutral Bay. Bianca cut my hair as Nikki no longer works in hairdressing.
    I was very happy with the service! Bianca's got styles and uses great cutting techniques. Good thing is her hair is so curly naturally that she help me with some tips on how to maintain my hair and she has plenty of experience in hairdressing. I found the salon very trendy with fantastic prices! I'll defiantly be going back and would highly recommend the salon.
  • elementhairelementhair Posts: 2Registered Users
    Hi friends, I'm from Element Hair. Thanks for your honest and real feedback. Really sorry to hear that a couple of people didn't like their cuts. :cry: That's certainly not how most of our customers feel, but if people have felt that way then it's real!

    We do love curly hair and have many satisfied girls with curly hair, and would love the chance to talk through with you about how we can work with you and your curly hair.

    If you have been unhappy with your hair please do give us a call or email ([email protected]) or you can leave a comment on our web form (anonymously if you want! [
    ][/url]). Josephine is the girl to talk to. Jo's work regularly features in Cleo, Cosmopolitan, and Cosmopolitan Brides and she is our resident curly expert - we really care about how your hair turned out for you and want to hear from you. :smile:

    We love seeing the joy on people's faces, and that 'new me' feel when they walk out of the salon with a style they really like. We've heard that from lots of our customers, that they really enjoy their hair after visiting.

  • BloomingBlooming Posts: 1Registered Users
    Hi could you please let me know where you get your curly hair cut. Thanks Maria
  • northcurlcurlnorthcurlcurl Posts: 7Registered Users
    Hi there
    just thought I'd post an update now that I've been in sydney for around 9 months.... I've got 3B curls, and have only been growing them now for 5 years, and have had quite a few disasters and setbacks in that time. However, now I've settled Glitz and Glam Military Road Neutral Bay - Bianca works there and she has natural curls. She will cut and do whatever you want - even apply henna if you ask her to - and will happily dry cut curl by curl and just a trim if you need it. For around $36 for the trim. So I go to her for shaping and general maintenance. However I am still looking for a good hairdresser for a 'trendy' style cut. I went to Orla Quinlan on the recommendation of this website, but I found she also used a 'thinning' technique which left my hair frizzy and lost a lot of volume, leaving it wispy instead. I don't want to have to micro-manage a hairdresser while they are doing my hair. The search continues....

    By the way, I was one of the people who had a bad experience at Element Hair in Woolhara. Despite the Poster above asserting their curly know-how, it was Jo who cut my hair and she simply thinned it out, leaving no bulk at all - and that''s what I love about my curls - the mass and volume. Maybe they cut other types of curls better, but that approach was no good for my 3B and I certainly wouldn't go back again to give them a second chance - it set me back at least 6 months.

    anyhow good luck to you all, and happy curling :-) Sue

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