BC tomorrow. Help w/ braids? (cross post in 4a)

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My mother and I have planned for me to BC tomorrow after school. We're most likely going to a salon to get it done. Afterwards, I want to get braids, perhaps medium micros (my mother's suggestion). I've got some questions about all of this!
1. Should I BC myself/have mother do it or have a pro do it?
2. Would getting braids directly after I cut my hair damage it at all?
3. What kind of braids do you suggest I get (if any)?
4. What should I do with my hair while it's in braids? (Elaboration)
How often should I wash it, and should I continue to wash it with conditioner?
What kinds of products should I use on my hair?
Can and should I get my braided hair wet every day?
5. What can I do to ensure that my hair isn't damaged by the braiding process/being in braids?
6. For how long should I keep my braids in?
7. How often should I re-do them? How long should I wait in between braiding? How long should I do this braiding thing (getting hair braided, taking them out, getting braided again)?

Thanks a whoooole bunch. I need this advice; I truly have no clue!
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    what you should do if you want to go natural stop your perms for atleast 3months.i haven't had a perm for atleast a year.
    help my hair
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    It's actually been nine months since my last relaxer...
    I'm Lauren...
    Kinky curly hair - 4a