Fell off the modified CG wagon.

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My PJ got the best of me and I went from being modified CG to back to using too many silicones because I keep "needing" to try new products. I clarified last night and am starting over so get to go through the ick stage again.

For those that are modified- how many silicones or non sulfate washes can you get away with before your hair looks like crap? I was using AG fastfood and [buylink=]Deva one c[/buylink]. both have silicones ( I think?), [buylink=]AG recoil[/buylink], HE gel and/or mouse and it seemed okay but... then I bought the AG conditioner (more silicones) and Joici mouse which apparently has a non soluble in water ingredient and I got too much buildup. I needed a cowash and have a protein sensitivity so was having trouble finding one. Also in Canada we don't seem to have all the products mentioned on here. Even the simple VO5 and Sauve ones aren't all available.

I know it is all about trial and error but has anyone found a happy medium between modified CG and totally non CG? My hair is about 2B.


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    I'm not a 2B but I think I've found my modified CG balance.

    I use [buylink=]Deva One C[/buylink] which has amodimethicone, as well as Elasta QP Feels Like Silk styling gel which has polyquaternium-10. I also use some butters and coconut oil.

    I shampoo once every two months (usually lathering only once) with a cocamidopropyl betaine shampoo. I usually look for the "make your own cosmetics'' ones that you get at some health food stores since they have less extra conditioning ingredients which can sometimes just inhibit cleansing and add buildup. In between, I co-wash. And once a month I do an ACV rinse.

    I have tight curls and very dry hair and this works well for me- perhaps more frequent shampoos would work for you, like weekly and perhaps co-wash in between? I'm not sure if CG was created with wavy hair in mind, apart from very dry waves, so you might have to tinker with it to get it to work for you.

    BTW, you don't have to use a sulfate shampoo to get rid of most silicones. Cocamidopropyl betaine and Cocobetaine will be just as effective and should be less harsh (depending on concentration).
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    Thanks for your help. I thought I had a hang of it then went overboard and got confused with products.

    When I poo instead of cowash I just Aveda Sap moss poo. Would that get rid of some buildup? (I cover end with conditioner first)