Depressed over hair (photos included)

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Hello Ladies, I am a week into the CG routine, although I do think the portion sizes of conditioner and hair gel is way too small... don't you agree? Or is this where I am going wrong?

I spend ages on my hair these days. I'm currently using rubbish products: an extra strong hold clear gel, some organic leave-in conditioner which is also a styling gel, and now and again some curl creme and I always seem to lose any wave on the top of my head and frizz occurs too...

As you can see from the pictures in my album, my layers are growing out, which could help the waves and volume of my hair, but I am just thinking it's a waste of time because I cannot afford the shipping costs that the American products charge. I need to get a good product that is specifically for curly hair but I am so far having no luck...

Any advice or suggestions? I'm not happy about the way my hairs turning out at the moment.


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    If you are only a week into it then your probably have 2-3 more weeks of crappy hair days to go. It takes a while to adjust. If you clarified before starting and are using CG products then keep at it for a few more weeks. It takes time to find out what amounts of product will work best for you. If you are applying them to sopping wet hair you can usually use slightly more than normal.
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    Hi Slave! I have hair similar to yours, although not as shiny or pretty. Maybe your leave in or cream styler is weighing your hair down. I usually only use a dime-size amount of leave in, and only when it is cool outside. Are you totally CG? The cones could be giving your hair problems, and proteins could too, although your hair doesn't look dry. I also have to diffuse until about 80% dry or I get frizz.

    When I went back on CG after wearing my hair straight for almost a year, I couldn't get it to curl at all. I almost gave up on it, until I went and got a curly cut from a devachan-trained stylist. Then it magically started curling up again. I never knew how important that cut was. Especially with a looser curl pattern, you may need a good cut to help your hair look its best.

    Good luck, hang in there!!!
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    cant view your photobucket, it asks for a username too
    and when i put your nickname it doesnt work so ..
    2c dark blonde,shoulder length, growing out henndigo!
  • A-Slave-2-The-WaveA-Slave-2-The-Wave Posts: 47Registered Users
    HalSa wrote:
    cant view your photobucket, it asks for a username too
    and when i put your nickname it doesnt work so ..

    Hiya sorry, I've deleted the account - try the link in my signature.

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