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I just went to make an appointment with a hairdresser I read about on the salon finder page. I knew the exact salon, but just haven't found time to call. When I called today, it turns out that she had left the salon. When I went to recheck the salon finder page, all of the reviews had been changed so they were listed under her new salon, even though the cuts were given at her original workplace. Is that weird? I wonder how all the reviews could be changed to list the new place. Don't the NC curly members have to edit their own reviews?
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  • sophiesansophiesan Posts: 27Registered Users
    Hi Sunday,

    It is weird!
    All I can say from my own experience is that every stylist I tried based on the salons reviews were not so great but yet each one of them had at least half a dozen raving reviews to their name.

    Another curly commented on this not too long ago

    Good luck with your search
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    I've found you really have to pay attention to the content of the reviews to see if their genuine. Some of the salons are very savy about this site and the potential business they bring in. For example, there used to be a lot more negative reviews of Batia and Aleeza in Beverly Hills but they have all disappeared -- maybe they were "outdated" but B&A is a big advertiser here. They also have a bunch of reviews written about the same time in the same month and alot of them sound like bad advertising and written in the same or similar voice.

    I think you have to trust your gut with the reviews to tell if that salon will be a good match for you.
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    I had a similar bad time to the link that sophisan posted from a hairstylist that was recommended on this site. She had no idea how to cut curly hair. In fact, one of her co-workers had to explain to her that she should cut my hair dry, not brush it, etc. My hair was horrible when she was done. Also, she kept trying to turn my hair into an afro and did not listen to anything that I said.
    I went to two other stylists that were recommended from this site. One was great and the other one was only great for a certain type of hair. I think that only you can decide if a hairstylist is right for you. Going to all of these stylists, I've realized that some of them are not too used to dealing with the diversity that a large city brings and others should just not be stylists because they lack the ability to listen to the client.
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