Quitting Proactive?

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Sometimes I think I'd like to go off of the Proactive system (been using for - holy crap... about 6 years)

any suggestions on another line of stuff? I need it to not be full of fragrances, etc. or 50 different products. Proactive was good b/c it was very PLAIN. Cleanser, plain/non-stingy toner and moisturizer with SPF - I dab BenzylPerox treat. only if i see a breakout.

I'm not sure i need the gritty cleanser anymore. I have a finer exfoliating product from Lancome that I think I'd rather just save for once a week.

And I'm 24 - some people have told me its best to start some kind of Alpha Hydroxy Acid or special treatment stuff now at this age - is that true?
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    Personally, if it's working, I wouldn't switch. Everytime I go away from something that is working, I regret it and end up going back to my original product line.
    What special care does your face need? Most important to use a good sunscreen and find one that has a good UVA rating. The good ones are european ones or nuetrogena makes one.
    You're only 24, so you're still young to really take good care of your face. I made the mistake of sunbathing for many years. My face looks ok but does have sun damage. I'm now using retin A cream. I WISH I had never tanned my face!!

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    proactiv darkened and roughened my skin. i now use whatever cleanser/moisturizer i want to. and aloe vera before the moisturizer. i also take MSM supplements. doing those two things cleared up my acne completly, and i'm also free to use whatever cleanser/moisturizer in a pretty package.
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    ProActiv stopped working for me, so I had to seek something else out. I have been using this product called AcneFree. You can purchase it at Walmart and other similar stores. It's cheaper than ProActiv and it's readily available in stores. It also works better for me. They have a regular system and a Severe system. It wouldn't hurt to try it! HTH.
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    i use paula's choice to treating my skin (aha, bha, bpo) and i use neutrogena for cleansing. that works well. i also take several supplements including:

    - multi
    - omega 3 complex (for the fatty acids)
    - msm (for skin & hair)
    - alpha lipoic acid (for inflammation, per dr. perricone)

    all that has helped me a lot
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